Anderson Family | Maternity | Virginia Beach

The longer I live in Virginia Beach, the more fun connections I seem to find. This is NOT a small town, but I love when it feels that way. After teaching for the city, I always find commonality with fellow local teachers and we always "click"! (sorry, not sorry for the pun.)

Katie is an English teacher at OLHS, which is where I was a student teacher (ahem) a "few" years ago, haha :) She and her hubby John are expecting their first child in January! The gender is a surprise, how exciting :) I never had that kind of patience with my pregnancies, but always admire those who choose to wait. I'm honored they booked a maternity and lifestyle newborn package, so I get to meet this little peanut and document their new family together!

Congratulations Katie and John, I'm so thrilled for you three!