A Day in the Life | January Photo Challenge

I have always wanted to complete a photo challenge, but could never commit to one. There are 365 Projects (a picture a day), Project 52 (weekly photos), and many other themed exercises to practice shooting and editing skills. A little something for every kind of photographer! I really love photographing our daily lives, and with the Day in the Life challenge, I picked up my camera at least every hour.  Nothing posed or overly planned.  I tried to focus on the little details of my day with the girls. Candid moments, but ones I will dearly miss when they are grown and out of the house more! Next year I will have a KINDERGARTENER and I'm already missing Amelia even when she's with me, LOL. Serious mommy problems over here!  So, here's our simple Tuesday. No big plans. No hustle. No super clean house, haha.

Morning snuggles and cartoons.


"Um, Mom... why are you taking my picture?"


Sometimes she misses her mouth :) #toddlerproblems


Morning sky.


Two seater cart at Target!? SCORE!



The sad leftovers of the Christmas clearance. Literally one tree and some ripped up gift wrap :(

Oh, and scarves. Because, you can never have enough. Duh.


Ohmygoodness, this girl! She will rip off her socks and shoes even on freezing cold days, LOL! Normally something that would drive me crazy, but today it got documented ;)


I'll miss this someday. Stepping over muddy shoes and coats.


After lunch, it was more play time - princess style.




My hubby swung by for lunch and snapped a quick one of me with the girls. Next time I'll master the timer and take more selfies :)


After a short rest hour it was green tea for Mom and table crafts for the girls.


"Mom, I need THREE braids."



A little run around the backyard.





Adjusting to being a work-at-home-mom has been a challenge over the past year and a half, but I am so so grateful for these days! The days can be long, but the years are short. This challenge reminded me of that simple beauty - muddy boots and all :)


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