Print 'em! | The Importance of Printing

If you're anything like me, there are probably shoeboxes or faded albums in the closets of your parent's home FULL of your childhood pictures.  Birthday parties, missing front teeth, Christmas mornings.. all the mess and beauty of your life. What a gift to sift through them and remember! Here's a few somewhat embarrassing ones from my life :) MomMom


My sister may disown me for sharing this... but it had to be done! Don't be hatin' on my kitty meow meow sweater ;)

Me and my handsome prom date! I married this guy and this circa 2000 print is one of my favorites.

Recently, I've been thinking about the importance of printing digital images.  When I send off galleries to my clients, it's my hope they will be printed in some way and not live eternally on a hard drive. My current package includes an 11x14 print which has been such a hit - yay! It makes my heart happy :)

When I think about the world we live in now, we take more pictures than EVER before. Not new information I'm sharing here, but one that really affects our future. If you follow me on Instagram (username: erinammons), you know I love to share pics of my girls and our family life together.

But what's the purpose of having 1,000 iphone pics if they are never printed? We know our technology will be null once our kids are grown, even backing items up on hard drives isn't a promise we'll have them forever now. I believe printing preserves them the best we can. Consider pictures of your grandparents... will your grandkids only have an outdated disk of you? I KNOW I'm getting heavy here, LOL! And if you're still reading - I love you!!

Challenge yourself to print more images this year! Whether you combine it all in one album or print seasonal favorites (I love this method!), get started on preserving your family's history.

I shared this recently on my Facebook page, and I find it hysterically accurate! Here's to printing a few extras of our middle or youngest children too ;)


After our session, you'll have the option of purchasing additional professional prints.   Once you see the difference this makes, I promise you won't want to print at Walgreens again :)  If you're motivated to start now (Go You!!) I strongly recommend using MPIX for high quality prints.

Your family's love IS the art that should be filling the walls of your home. Every time you pass by it you'll smile and remember! xoxo