5 Things Disney World Taught Me | #MomLife

Welcome to the first installment of my new blog series - #MomLife :) 

For these posts, I'll be sharing personal tips or tidbits about my life and family. I also find hashtags HYSTERICAL and try to use them in an obnoxious and incorrect manner whenever possible. So, clearly, this name is just meant to be! I promise to be real, authentic and slightly sarcastic.. because that's usually how I live my life.  Nothing perfect, just fun :) I've gone from a full-time teacher to a SAHM to a WAHM in the last 5 years. Sometimes I just have things to SAY, lol (ask my sister, she knows).

Okay, today I'm talking about 5 (somewhat random) things that Disney World taught me. This was our first real, honest-to-goodness, family of four vacation. I learned a lot about how we function together and I know every detail of the It's A Small World ride, lol! But visiting Mickey with my baby girls was truly magical and I wanted to share what I learned. <3


1.  Pack warm jammies even though it's Florida.

Yeah, you'll still be cold in the icy tundra that is your hotel room. Even if your kids are cozy and warm, pack yourself extra socks and maybe even a down comforter because there are never. enough. blankets.

2.  It's always OK to say, "No".

I know my children. I know their limitations. I knew there was NO way we were going to stay up for fireworks without 45,643 meltdowns. So I said, "Not this trip!" when people asked if we went. I also know not to push my kids. If my daughter is afraid to do bigger rides and we cling to the baby swings and carousel.. that's fine with me. Still magical and so much happier without the stress of trying to convince anyone to do anything. It helped keep our time in the park as chilled out as possible.  The beauty of Disney is knowing we'll be back eventually and every trip will be a new phase with my kids. Someday I'll hear my girl laughing and squealing on The Seven Dwarves Mine Ride, but not this trip. And that's ok!


Spending an hour playing legos? Yes, it happened.


We love characters!! :)

3. Rest days are for parents too.

This was actually the BEST tip I got before our trip. Disney has a way of exhausting everyone to the brink of madness. And in that moment, it's necessary to proclaim a rest day. Pool, snuggles, maybe some shopping... just no parks. Relax.


Look as this crazy-haired baby... she was so exhausted!

4.  You'll need tissues. A ton. Because you'll be a blubbering mess the whole time.

Maybe you won't, but I cried about 10 times on Day One. My Mom was with me and my daughters when we met Rapunzel and Cinderella and I just bawled. Like ugly cried my way through the line. I was not prepared for this, people!  The absolute awe and joy on their faces was worth every penny to me. I loved it and will cry just writing about it.

5. Have an action plan for DWS - AKA Disney Withdrawal Syndrome.

Your entire family will be affected from Disney Withdrawal Syndrome. You will return home and there will be no need for your Disney Experience App. No princess meet-and-greet. No parades. And my husband's favorite, no 3pm frappuccino fix. Prepare for this! Thankfully, we returned shortly before the holiday season picked up and that lifted our spirits. Anticipate this emptiness and combat it by playing outside, reading Disney books, whatever will take the edge off. Because once Disney is over, it is very..very sad. Stay strong!!


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