Day in the Life | February Photo Challenge

I am loving my monthly photo challenge with A Day in the Life series!! A great way to show you a bit more about my life and family. It's also a way to keep me thinking creatively, especially during these long winter months. Check out January's post if you missed it!

Last week, we all enjoyed a day of being snowed in. I might as well call this post "Snow and Snuggles" because that is literally ALL we did, haha :) Sometimes that's just what we need and it's always nice when hubby gets a surprise day off work. Though he is more of a restless spirit than me at times, (if you can believe it!) he was grateful for some extra time with his best girls.

I had seen some recipes floating around for Snow Cream, so we decided to try it. Although it was more like shaved ice, the girls both gobbled up a bowl.


Snow Cream Recipe

* 4 cups of fresh snow

* 1 cup of milk

* 1/4 cup sugar

* 1 teaspoon vanilla


Then it was time to let them burn off some energy. I wish the snow had been better for packing, we didn't attempt much snowman building. It was pretty much a layer of ice on top!


Charlotte's face in this one cracks me UP. "Stop, Mom, you're embarrassing me."


Elsa had to make an appearance of course...


After de-thawing and putting on some dry socks, it was snack time.

We've been eating pretty clean since January, so we decided to make a healthy snack. Although we NEEDED coffee and donuts, these roasted chickpeas were pretty tasty. Sated my snack craving. The kids of course demanded Cheddar Bunnies and juice, haha ;)


You want to keep my girl entertained for hours? Reusable sticker books. Thank you, Santa!


We spent the rest of the day lazing about and the girls had some media time.

Nothing beats snuggling with a toddler and watching Peppa Pig. *oink!*



Super grainy, but I am loving the challenge of shooting indoors lately!

And just for fun, here's a few more of my Ice Princess from the snow this week...stay warm everyone :) xoxo


Trying to be serious, haha!


My beautiful girl..


Silly girl :)