Snow Day!| Photography Tips

It's snoooowing!! 

My toddler is SO confused. She thought Valentine's Day was Christmas and this snowfall is just confirming her opinion, hahaha! Singing Jingle Bell in February.. that's normal - right?

I wanted to share a few tips in case you will be braving the snow tomorrow and taking some images of your kids playing! As tempted as I am to watch them from INSIDE (ha!), I know I'll be out there with them - frozen toes and all.

1. Wear fingerless gloves or make you own.

You need a free hand or finger to press the shutter and regular gloves will be fruuuustrating. You definitely don't want completely numb hands. Cut up some old socks if you have to, no shame there!

2. Get on their level.

Kids are little. Get on their level when you photograph them. Crouch low and get the camera or phone right at eye level. This instantly creates a more engaging and personal portrait!

Just don't get in the line of fire if they're holding a snowball...

3. Capture the details.

Photograph their tiny, gloved hand. The mitten that fell in the snow. Their path of footprints tracking across the yard. A cute scarf or hat set that will only fit the rest of this season. A cup of hot cocoa when you rush back in to warm up.

It'll all melt and be gone soon. Capture the memories to remember on later. You'll be glad you did.

Here are my babies from last year's first big snowfall...*sob*


Love these girls. #onlylittleonce