Dadd Family | Smithfield

I love meeting friends of my friends - don't you? I usually find a connection and make a new friend in the process, lol! Maybe my friends just have really good taste. ;)

I totally felt this way about the Dadd family! They were referred by a dear friend and I traveled to Smithfield for their sweet Valentine's Day session. Good thing the hubs and I had take-out dinner plans so we could meet on this slightly-less freezing February day. I have only been to Downtown Smithfield a handful of times, but I always find it so charming. And Windsor Castle Park has the most gorgeous light! The sun popped out for us right before it set and gave us a few warm and sunny shots :)

These brothers were so fun and loving with one another! You know you're doing something right when your kids willingly embrace one another for pictures. Precious!


Thank you, Dadd family!! xoxo