Sorting Kid Clothes | #MomLife

It's scary how quickly and easily my girls' closets can become jungles of clothes.


Dress up.

Too big.

Too small.

A favorite skirt.

Off season.


It is an intimidating task to keep their clothes orderly. As I think ahead for Spring, I need a better idea of what sizes and styles they'll both need. Unfortunately, we keep feeding these kids and they just. keep. growing. LOL! I am 6'1 and my husband is 6'3 - SO, needless to say, we have two very long girls that grow overnight. Every week or so one of them looks like the Incredible Hulk sitting at the breakfast table. "What, I JUST bought those jammies!! AAHHHH!!" Hello crop tops!

I am developing a system now to use through most of their childhood to keep myself sane on the clothes front.

1. They don't need much.

Decide how many outfits and separate pieces your child actually needs. Having too much of anything is never a good thing, right? (ahem... except chocolate.) Having a limited amount makes it easier for kids to choose what they want to wear too. AND it's less laundry - win, win! :)

2. Let it go.

Channel your inner Elsa and donate, consign or sell outgrown clothes. There's always someone out there who could benefit from your donation or gift. Or, if you need to fund clothing for next season, join a local consignment sale. I am participating in one this weekend and I'm hoping to sell a good amount. Also really looking forward to trying Peace. Love. Swap. which is another great way to swap clothing with other local families. Give a little, get a little! Love this concept. Here's their next event! 


3. Find an organization system.

Only you know what will work for your family. Do you fold and organize items in the dresser drawers or hang them in the closet? I just had a great chat with a friend and we were talking about folding vs. hanging clothes. She has step stools so her kids can reach and hang everything. She's training the kids to use the hangars and swears this is way less stressful than piles in the drawers. It sounds genius, I think I'll be trying this method!


For now, our closets are pretty minimal. I have a bin in each girls' closet with off season or "grow-in-to" clothes. I cycle through at least once a season and purge what we no longer need. Although I do have several sentimental baby items that I'll never part with :)

How do you tackle the wardrobe beast? I'd love to hear your tips and tricks!

xoxo Erin