Welcome, Spring! | #MomLife

Happy First Day of Spring! Even though it's a rainy one, I take that as a positive omen.

It means blossoms and growth and fresh beginnings.

Since we moved into our first house (nearly two years ago now, wow!) my husband has planted a garden each Spring. We're still trying to figure out what grows well in our yard, what we like to eat and what pests make us shake our fists.

I cannot take credit for the garden, it's totally my husband's area of expertise. I consider myself a nurturing individual, but I'm better with words and hugs. Not with fertilizer. But I can water and applaud his efforts, right? Not to mention I can cook up the fresh goods ;)


Amelia loves helping him and they started some seedlings inside a couple of weeks ago. We were able to transplant them to bigger pots this week and give them some "fresh sunlight air" as Amelia says :)


Watching them work, it made me think about my business and how much of it is about seasons. Seasons of Busyness and Seasons of Calm. I'm grateful for the Winter and the time to learn, reflect and refresh myself for the Spring. I feel like I know the direction I'll be going in 2015 and 2016 and that is a HUGE deal. I've been blessed with amazing mentors and clients - thank YOU for helping me grow and blossom. It might sound totally cheesy, but this little biz is only getting started. So excited for what the future holds!

Here's to growth. Welcome, Spring. We missed you. <3