Johnson Family | Maternity

I'm coming up on my two-year business anniversary this Summer and I am continually amazed at how much I have learned so far on this journey. Countless lessons already. God just keeps pushing my heart and showing me the best path for this business to grow.

But, the MOST amazing thing has been how generous and kind people have treated me. And not just my friends and family, but complete strangers. I know, I am so grateful for those close to me - but can I just say a huge THANK YOU to all the people who have never met me?! Maybe you follow me on Facebook or you've seen my images through your friends and acquaintances pages. Whoever you are, I am so appreciative. I was referred to this lovely couple by two individuals I have never. even. met. And this is happening more and more, where once I could easily make connections with who knows who - sometimes I really have to dig to find those connections now! Wow, that just makes my mind whirl. What does that say about our community? So amazing!! Thank you, thank you.

These two are completely smitten waiting for their baby boy to arrive this June. What do you think, will he be blond with sweet dimples?

We shall see! ;)


Gorgeous, Brittany!


The sweetest thing :)




This was my first beach session of 2015 - wahoo!! You know it's nearly Summer portrait season in Virginia Beach when I'm laying down in the sand to grab that last silhouette shot for the night :)

Thank you so much Brittany and Matt, I can't wait to meet your sweet boy soon! xoxo