My Photography Journey | Only Little Once

Okay, truth moment here. I have been brainstorming over this workshop for MONTHS.  Probably closer to a year. I've always known it was coming, and I am finally ready to share the details! I've put a lot of thought into the HOW and the WHY I want to teach this workshop. I want people to have an experience and to walk away feeling empowered and inspired!

So before I talk about the details for Only Little Once, I want to share some bits about my journey with photography. I am passionate about memories and documenting the lives of my children. I embrace the title of MomTog, MWAC (mom with a camera) and Momographer happily. I actually introduced myself that way as an attendee at one of my first workshops! And in a world of smart phones and tablets, I worry that quality images are printed less and less. Let's create a path of memories for our kids to look back on. My mother's house is full of frames and pictures of our family's story. I want the same for my kids. Don't you? Here's my story in a nutshell :)

The Journey

Step 1:  Wow, Auto Mode is total awesomesauce!!

And it was, it really was! When we bought our first DSLR in the Spring of 2010 we were amazed. That kit lens was incredible and was making all this pretty "blur" and was sharp, colorful, etc. Our oldest daughter was about to be born.. and well, I became obsessed. I put monthly Facebook albums up of her every achievement and drop of drool. Complete adoration. Can you relate? ;)


(Would have been so much cuter without the motion blur!)

Step 2: Wait, there are other modes? Hmmm.

Enter the stage of "I have no idea what I'm doing here." And "Wait, we have the same camera - how is she/he getting those kinds of images?"

Step 3: Let's research and read all. the. things!

After being a 6th grade English teacher for four years, I was transitioning to life as a stay at home Mom. I took all that passion and motivation and threw myself into learning photography. I studied online tutorials, attended workshops and learned about exposure. I learned about the limitations and capabilities of my entry level camera. In time, my images got better and I was excited to learn more. I took pictures of my friend's kids, our cat, anything I could get in front of my lens. I was mainly shooting in Aperture Priority mode, and that suited me fine for some time. For Mother's Day in 2012, my sweet hubby bought me a "nifty fifty" lens and I was obsessed once again!


(I love her face :) But too soft and out of focus!)

Step 4: More frustration and then a breakthrough.

I was still stuck on my images and how I couldn't control everything at once. What was the missing link!?

Aha! Manual mode.

 Complete control of the camera's brain. No more blurry images. Better focus. More of that pretty blur in the background. I was finally getting somewhere!


Manual Settings: ISO 100 Shutter Speed 1/400 Aperture 3.2

Step 5: Never stop learning.

The beauty of photography is that there will ALWAYS be something to learn. I run from anyone who says they have mastered this art completely. It's impossible! There's always a new technique or editing piece to learn. That's what makes this a lifelong hobby and passion for so many! I am truly grateful I can document the lives of my little girls. Their images fill our home and do not live on my phone, hard drive or Facebook page.

Are you stuck at Step 1 on your journey? Only Little Once will help you learn about shooting modes, focal points and the exposure triangle. You'll learn all about bokeh, ISO and aperture. The tools you need to get off Auto mode! Check out the details HERE!!

Email me and secure your spot!I can't wait to see you :)