Questions to consider when hiring a photographer

An important step to being a small business owner is realizing how personal it is. At first, that was REALLY hard for someone like me. I'm a total ENFP (extrovert, intuitive, feeling, perceiving) and I tend to wear my heart on my sleeve. I'm a one-women show over here and not everyone will love me. And that's okay!! I want to build relationships with the families I photograph and I know that might not be for everyone. I love following clients on social media and watching their kids grow. I love celebrating that promotion, birthday or new pregnancy. This is why I photograph families - I'm in love with everything that makes families uniquely beautiful!

If you're searching for a photographer to capture your family, even if that's not me, here are some questions you should ask yourself before reaching out. Make sure you're the right fit before investing and trusting someone to capture your memories.

1. Is the quality of their work consistent? Do I like their specific style?

2. Do they come highly recommended or referred by someone I know and trust?

3. Is there a real person behind the camera? Can I relate to their personality? Will they jive with my kids and family?

Pictures are personal! They should be. Do your research before reaching out and contacting a photographer. I truly believe there is a right fit for everyone :)


Now, if you love abnormally tall photographers who tell corny jokes and geek-out over sunsets - I'm your girl, LOL! ;)

xoxo Erin