What to Wear and Less Stress | Photography Tips

So, the title of this post is a little deceiving since I will not be channeling my inner Tim Gunn and telling you exactly what to wear for your family photo session. I'm really not that savvy, LOL! I get it, trying to coordinate clothes for your entire family can be stressful! There's several variables to consider, but don't let the stress sap the joy from the experience. Even if you loathe shopping, here's a few tips on choosing outfits that will show off the best assets of your family. The focus should be on your love for one another and not what you have on :)

1. Colors and the Art of NOT matching.

For a more modern and timeless look, consider not matching one another. You want to compliment, not be identical. Matching shirts tend to all run together in a photo. Think of 2-3 colors that look great on your family and incorporate them throughout tops, bottoms and accessories.


(Love the use of color, pattern, layers and textures!)

2. Shop your closets! And surf the internets.

Have a favorite dress you haven't had a chance to wear yet? Or do your kids have some newer items that would work? Start with what you have. There's no need to shop right away. And if you're like me, the mall can be totally overwhelming if you haven't preplanned. AND I get super distracted by anything shiny.

If you do want to start fresh, hop online and check out what's on trend for the season. My favorites are The Loft, Gap, Old Navy, Gymboree and even Target! Get an idea in your head of what would work before you go to the store or order anything. You do not need to spend a small fortune on outfits!


family outfit ideas for photos
Pinterest and Polyvore have TONS of ideas for outfit choices. If you need inspiration, start there :)

3. Don't drink champagne if you prefer beer.

Just making sure you're still paying attention, ha! ;) No, really, if you are not a dress and tie kind of family - don't choose those pieces for your photo session! You want to feel your best, but you must be comfortable. It will read on camera if you don't feel good in what you have on.  I find "dressy casual" the best option for most families. No holes in the old t-shirt please, haha, but evening gowns are not necessary (unless that's your thang ;) ).

4. Details count.

I LOVE fun accessories! Scarves, necklaces, anything that compliments the overall look. Also, consider having hair and make-up professionally done. It can make a huge difference in how you feel about the final look of your photos, PLUS it'll make you feel like a million bucks :) Invest in yourself, especially if you don't splurge on family photos very often. Ask me about this option when you book!


(We were able to play with Mom's puffer vest, scarf and her son's jacket to vary the looks. LOVE those yellow pants!)

5. Namaste, and let the kids play!

Ha, see what I did there?! The very best thing you can do before and during a shoot is to relax. Moms, we know that our feelings usually affect the entire mood of the family. If you are stressed, your hubby and kiddos will be too. Namaste, Momma! On the day of your session, make sure to give extra hugs and kisses. Play. Relax. I want to capture the love of your family. I want you to look back on these as actual memories. That day you got to play, laugh, cuddle and there just happened to be a photographer there to capture the moments :) You will LOVE looking at those photos and remembering!


xoxo Erin