5 Tips for Birthday Parties | Photography Tips

I love planning themed birthday parties for my girls. I really enjoy making it special for them and adding personalized touches. I try not to stress (too much) and use Pinterest for inspiration :) Most of the time this goes well, although I do have a short list of famous #PinterestFails!

But, let's be honest, there's always that moment of "hurry up, the guests will be here in 10 minutes!" for any party, haha! It's always a rush, and sometimes taking photos can be an added burden. Don't let it be. You'll want these images and so will your child some day.

 Remember, you want to be present and enjoy the day too! Don't stay behind the lens for the whole party, consider passing over the camera if necessary. Here's a few tips for preparing before and during the party to capture the moments.

1. Camera Prep - Clear your memory card and charge those batteries. I do this before birthdays and Christmas morning, since I never want to be fumbling at 6 am trying to capture the sweet looks on their faces. Place your camera in a common area where you know you'll be so it's ready to go.

2. Choose Wisely - If you had your heart set on getting a nice portrait of your child before the party starts, you might have to let that go. Aim for another day to dress them up and get a more formal birthday picture. If they're anything like mine, your kid will be bouncing off the walls with excitement and any smile will have that crazy "cheeeeese" when-can-I-go-play face ;) Just skip it and try not to place too many photo demands on them. Instead, photograph them looking out the window waiting for guests or helping with the decorations.


(My littlest love on her 2nd birthday :) Waiting for her "frans" to come play!)

3. CAKE - Don't miss the blowing out of the candles moment. Place your child in an area with even lighting and be sure you have a good angle BEFORE putting the cake in front of them :) Watching their reaction to the "Happy Birthday" song is always one of my favorite things to capture! Even if they have their hands over their ears, haha :)


4. Details - Did you work really hard making cute party favors? Photograph them. Was your cake made by a trusted friend or relative? Make time to photograph it before the party starts. Go around and get all those little details that make this birthday special.

I gotta say, I was pretty proud of my Elmo fruit salad ;)


5. Get in the Frame - You were there too and your child wants to see you in the picture! Pass over the camera and hop in for as many shots as  you can get. Forget the new bike, this is the best gift you can give your kiddos...even if it takes some time for them to realize it :)


My daughter's most cherished lovey - Big Bird! He is waaaay dirtier now, hahaha! I love these images, I won't forget when she first got him and can remind her when she's older. ;) That's what family photos are all about!

Happy Party and Picture Planning! :)