OBX Vacay | #MomLife

So the thing about vacations is that you MUST make them happen. I feel like I'm always seeing an article or news clip about the statistics of how few Americans actually use their paid time off.  They all share the same message. People who take vacations and give themselves time for mental and physical rest, live longer and more fulfilling lives. Even if it's just a stay-cation or long weekend, making it work around your hectic life will be the best decision you make all year. Most people don't age and find themselves complaining, "Gosh, I wish I'd spent less time with my family.."

In the words of Lara Casey, Make. It. Happen.

I found myself thinking about this so much last week. This was the first time my entire family took a vacation like this together and it was such a blessing! OBX was incredibly refreshing and we returned with clearer focus. I'm so thankful for the time together with my favorite people.  I think the key is keeping a "vacation" state of mind all year round ;)

Oh, and s'mores. Definitely s'mores.


"oh, let's gooo fly a kite!"