Baby Blakely | Norfolk Family Session

I love babies of all ages, but there is something really FUN about 6 month olds :) Sitting up, smiling, "talking" and being an all around darling - I just love this age! Their personalities are showing more than ever before and they are usually flexible and easy going. I think it's special to document them at this memorable age, the perfect 1/2 birthday celebration!

As any parent can attest to, time flies, especially that first year. All these sweet stages are my favorite to look back on. Especially during days where mothering is a challenge. Like today, when I'm potty training my almost threenager, ha! #prayforme

We opted for a sunrise session in Norfolk to protect Blakey's early bedtime. As a Mom of two, I know how this goes! Sunrise sessions are just as lovely as sunset and may be a better choice for littles.

Enjoy all this yummy baby girl cuteness! :)




Hey, blue eyed baby!


Nothing cuter than a nakey baby bum on the beach, LOL!




I just love this one...gorgeous Mommy and daughter.



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