Beach Minis | Part II | Sandbridge, VA

This Summer I opted to offer two dates for beach mini sessions and I'm SO glad I did! I really wanted to serve more families with these shorter photo shoots. I find they work great for younger children and babies. So, if you're concerned about your child lasting for a 45-75 minute session, opt for a mini and sign up first when they're announced!

My next round of minis will be coming in the Fall and I will send out information for this towards the end of the Summer. Newsletter subscribers get first pick and if you haven't signed up yet, I really encourage it! I don't send anything spammy, just information on minis, specials and fun photo tidbits :)

The second round of minis just happened to fall on the HOTTEST day of the Summer we've had yet. But, by the ocean at sunset, it was comfortable and breezy :) I am so lucky my sweet clients don't mind me looking like a frizzy-headed wildebeest, because I'm sure I did by the end of the night. Since I'm sand diving and chasing toddlers the entire time, I consider it my cardio for the week ;)

Love these kiddos and families, so thankful for them!


Oh my gosh, this sweet boy is so much fun!


Love this one! :)


I'm always amazed at how quickly my newborn clients grow - recognize this cutie?


These three were just naturals in front of the camera, made my job so easy! Sweet baby....




 If you missed the first round of mini sessions, they are on the blog HERE! :)