Organize all the Things!! | #MomLife

Friends, can we have an honest moment? Working at home is a HUGE blessing and I do really love it. Watching my girls grow and having so much flexibility are things I would never trade for a bigger salary. I love what I do and most days I embrace this season of my life as being 1/2 productive and 1/2 complete insanity covered in play-doh. ;)

That said, I am NOT a good housekeeper. Like, at all. I try so very hard, but ultimately I feel the clutter and disorganization creeps back up on me. I'm not saying my house is an episode of Hoarders by any means (eek!), but it's definitely a hurdle in my life. I am not one of those people who are naturally organized or together. Even though I LOVE sticky notes and fresh planners, it's just not in my nature. If I slack at all (which is pretty often) I just start to feel so defeated! And even though my hubby pitches in very often, I'm the parent at home most of the time and I feel responsible for keeping things working and running smoothly. And not having to step on legos or Barbie shoes every time I turn around... because let's be real, those thangs huuuuurt! :(

I've tried different systems in the past, but while I was doing my usual I-have-free-time-so-I'm-at-the-bookstore routine I found this little gem... perhaps you've heard of it?


Well, as I tend to do, I dove right in. So far, I've cleared out about 10 bags/boxes of clothes, linens, toys and books. And honestly, I feel like it's the tip of that giant 'ol iceberg. How can this be?! I thought I was keeping up with our stuff and clutter pretty well!? Not according to my girl Marie.

Her suggestion is to clean and declutter by category, not by room. This was different for me and it really does make sense! She says that when you touch an item, if it doesn't give you joy, you should let it go.

Um, what? Because my dish sponges don't give me joy but I should probably keep them around.

But for most of the things we THINK we need, we really don't. If I haven't worn it, read it, or touched it for over 6 months.. do I really need to keep it? Probably not.

I've always loved how refreshed I feel after de-cluttering, but this is taking my nerdy joy to a whole new level! Although she insists you must sort your house "at one time" I have been going in stages.. because, I do have a life and little girls who demand I play the prince or bad guy (why can't I ever be the princess, huh?).


(no lack of personality here, people! ^^)

 What's your system for staying on top of all the "stuff" in life?

Off to #konmari all the things!

..or eat a cookie. Both are winning. ;)