This Season Counts | Only Little Once

Ahhh, it's 4th of July weekend - what!? I can't believe it, the year is already 1/2 over. Mind. Blown!

Summertime is the BEST time to get outside with the kids and practice taking your own photos. Sunset is late and everyone is relaxed and going with the flow. Pool parties, blueberry picking, cook-outs and road trips.

Please don't let this Summer slip by with only phone images that live forever in the mythical "cloud".

Does anyone know what the cloud really is!? If so, can you tell me?  I imagine a quintessential computer geek living on a cloud with lots of filing cabinets and a red stapler. Seriously, I could write a sitcom about this. 

I just want to encourage you Moms and Dads to get out your "fancy" camera, whatever that may be. It could be a point and shoot, film camera or a DSLR. It doesn't really matter, but please print or save these images in a way that your children and grandchildren will be able to see one day. Because the hard truth is that you'll only have this Summer once. Sure, you might get those images next year, but is anything ever guaranteed? Nope. And your kids are growing and changing at warp speed. I say this not to be the Debbie Downer of the internets, but to light a fire under you for documenting THIS Summer.

So get out there. Get messy. And enjoy this season now.


I just love this one of my Mom and Charlotte splashing at the beach :) One of my favorite images from childhood is one of my Mom holding me at the beach. So special! <3

If you'd like some help with the buttons and dials on your DSLR, I have ONE seat left for the next installment of Only Little Once. We'll be talking about camera basics and how to get off Auto mode. I hope to see you there! :)