Two Year Anniversary! | Giving Back

My official TWO YEAR business anniversary is coming up quickly on August 1st - hooray!! I am incredibly proud to type out these words. For an English teacher turned stay-at-home-Mom turned photographer, I can't say I ever envisioned this being my life at (almost) 33-years-old. God has opened windows and gracefully closed doors for me, leading me to this point.

I am humbled and grateful for what this business has done for my family. It has allowed my creative mind to grow and my extroverted, chatty spirit to meet amazing people :)  It has given me the ability to work from home, mother my children and help support us simultaneously. It's not always an easy balance to keep, and I have been helped and blessed by many other people. Especially my amazing husband who said, Just buy the camera, Erin. Love him and his support and belief in me!

SO, let's do something awesome together. Last year, I held an amazingly fun mini-session fundraiser event for Alex's Lemonade Stand. This year, I'd like to change it up just a bit and spoil some of you Moms :) Join me on August 2nd for a "Mommy and Me can make a Difference" mini-session event! (woo, say that three times fast, ha!). ALL proceeds will be donated to Alex's Lemonade Stand, an amazing organization that does wonderful work and research for childhood cancer. Together we can make a difference AND give you a fun, pampered experience with precious images of you with your babies :)


Donation: $100

When: Sunday, August 2nd 4-6 pm

Where: outdoor location in VA Beach (details coming soon!)

What: A 15 minute session with 5-7 digital images and a print release included with your donation. Moms, arrive 15 minutes early and get your make-up refreshed with Arbonne cosmetics! I LOVE this company and their dedication to keeping beauty products pure, safe and beneficial. My sweet friend, Andrea, is ready to spoil you! This is completely complimentary and a way to thank you :) AND she's putting together fun, summery goodie bags for everyone. I don't know about you, but goodie bags with mini cosmetics are my FAVORITE, LOL!

 Refer a friend, your Momma, any lady you know that would love to make a difference and get updated pictures :) Email me today to book your slot!


Thank you for every "like" "tag" "comment" and referral. Each of you builds up my business every day and I am so, so thankful for you!!