Only Little Once | Moms Rockin' their Cameras

You guys, this post is  just a proud Momma moment, haha! My Only Little Once 'grads' are rockin' their cameras and getting amazing images of their kiddos :) We have a small (but proud!) private group page on Facebook and every week I am blown away by their growth and persistence.

Most of the Moms have come from shooting primarily in Auto mode on their DSLRs to mastering Manual mode! This means THEY are the ones who tell their camera what to do. No more:

"Why is this SO blurry?"

"Ahh, it's too dark, just turn the flash on..."

"I just want ONE good picture of my kids together - is that too much to ask!?"

"What does this button do?...oh wait... let's try this one..."

"Aperture, say what?!"

And the list goes on, haha ;)

I've been there! It's liberating and so exciting to finally learn how to use your big-girl camera and have quality images of your children. I love my iPhone, but it's not where I want the memories of my kids' childhood to live. I want printable, high quality images that will last.

Let me brag on my girls for a sec' here :) Here are just a handful of my favorite "after the class" images!








I am just so proud of these ladies and how they are pushing forward and learning more every day. MomTogs unite! :)

The next class of Only Little Once is coming up September 26th! Find out more information HERE and email today to reserve your spot :) If you can't make this date or need tips on shopping for your first DSLR, send me a message!


#MomTogforLife  :)