Caitlin | Maternity | Chesapeake

Fun Fact: I'm married to a Physical Therapist and he's literally a walking encyclopedia of unusual and interesting facts about the human body. It's like carrying around a copy of Gray's know, just in case. He's also a teacher, so he loves finding out new things and sharing them. Though by now he's learned to be careful what he tells me since I'm a wimp and get all squeamish, haha ;)

Recently, he told me a fact about our fingerprints. Yes, all of us have a unique set, but they are partially shaped and developed from our time spent inside our mother's womb. This time in utero creates these unique ridges and designs. Isn't that amazing?! It just adds to the beauty and mystery that is Motherhood. God's touch is truly everywhere. Just incredible.

I was thrilled to meet Caitlin and capture this sweet time as she waits for her baby girl to arrive. She could be a Christmas or New Year baby and I cannot wait to meet her! We had so much fun in Chesapeake last week :)

Isn't she lovely?


Well, you knew I was going to pose her with a leaf at some point, right?! Ha!



Love, love, LOVE! 2015-11-04_0010

When that golden sun is juuuust right.. *sigh* Nothing better.


Praying for a smooth arrival! I can't wait to meet this girly. #lovethebabies