Hernandez Family | Virginia Beach

After rescheduling this session due to weather and other curveballs, I was so excited to see this gorgeous family again! It was wonderful to see how much the kids have grown since our session last October. I have never worked with four young siblings that are this pleasant, smiley, giggly and loving. An absolute joy and blessing! Willing to race, dance, smile big and please their Mom and Dad. Made my heart so happy to see.

Even though it was overcast and threatening rain (again!) at the Adam Thoroughood House in Virginia Beach, you would never guess it from these images. Love how photography works its' magic ;)


No lack of personality - my kind of family! ;)


Gorgeous twins, they are so precious!


A genuine smile from everyone? I'll take it!



Kids are meant to move and play, let's let them do that during a photo shoot. Ring-around-the-rosey, Red Light Green Light and a fun football huddle. Her face, I died! ;)


Not surprising they have beautiful children - right? Stunning!


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