McQuiddy Family | Chesapeake

I love when I get that small town feeling even when I certainly don't live in a "small" town ;) Meeting families that were referred to me by other friends and clients is the BEST feeling. Honestly, there's nothing better.

And what do I love even more? A joyful family and a gorgeous early December sunset. My hands might have been half frozen after this, but I am just in love with every single image from this session... SO worth it!

In other news, I still haven't found my fingerless shooting gloves. I must have hid them way too well last season :( #photogproblems

Meet the adorable McQuiddy family!


She wanted to see the back of camera image ;)


Oh, that


Just a boy and his pet monkeys... nothing to see here ;)


Precious girl!


For my last family session of 2015, I could not have been more thrilled! Pure bliss.

Thank you, McQuiddy fam, you rock :)