My Word for 2016 | #MomLife

How was your holiday? Hopefully full of family, food and fun - I know mine was!

(and waaaay too much pie.. but I digress...)

I love Christmas, but I get excited the week after while gearing up for a new year. I know there's always that exhausted/snuggly/depressing feeling of the holidays winding down.. but I have really turned that around in the past few years and now see it as an awesome opportunity.

In 2015, I chose my "word". I'm not sure where to credit this, but I know I read about this movement happening. Instead of giving yourself a big, extravagant goal.. choose ONE word that you are going to live by for that year. I chose to let it work in every aspect of my life: motherhood, marriage, finances, faith, running a business, fitness, etc. My word was: Grace. I worked on giving myself grace when I failed (and of course I have, many times) and it truly helped me get over day-to-day frustrations and let downs. I was kinder to myself, more patient with my family and my self-esteem was higher than years past. Crazy, right?! Just keeping that word in my mind helped more than I think I can even grasp at this point. I've been pondering my word for 2016 over the past few weeks and I think I've found it...

My word for 2016 is, brave.

I'm not sure how this is going to play out of course, but I know that fear has been holding me back in certain aspects of my life.. so it's going to be a year of confronting that. Scary? Yep. Overwhelming? Maybe. But I'm choosing to face it.

What about you? Where are you putting your perspective for 2016? As Moms, I feel like we need to make time to put ourselves and our needs as a priority. It's hard to do with little ones, but it makes us better!

And because we're on Holiday Break Bliss, here's some shots of my girlies from this morning ;)


Happy (almost) New Year! :)