Jones Family | Virginia Beach Lifestyle Photographer

I was recently inspired by a course I took about at-home lifestyle sessions. Usually I offer these sessions for parents who have just brought home a new baby, but this class really inspired me to offer it to every family as a choice. Where else will you feel most comfortable and relaxed? Your home is where you connect with your family and there are traditions and rich moments that just can't be recreated outdoors or at another setting.

What life moments are happening right now with your young children that you want to remember in twenty years? A favorite toy, a snuggly blanket, the way they furrow their brow when working on a puzzle. Such a sacred time in childhood deserves to be captured.

I am so grateful to my sweet friend Carly and her lovely family for welcoming me into their home. It was so refreshing to shoot what I love with such a loving family. The sun was shining in and we had fun painting, reading and jumping on beds (yep)!

I was in photographer bliss :)


Carly is an incredible artist and teacher, so when I asked her how she'd like to spend our time.. painting as a family was her first choice :)


Oh my gosh, these children are seriously adorable. I can't even.






An apple just tastes better when it's shared ;)



The only request they had was each wanted a picture with her AG dolls :)


Checking in on her ladybugs...


Tickle fights! Because.. why not?!


Loved this so much!

Consider booking an at-home lifestyle session this Winter to capture your family in the here and now. I'd love to see you :)