Reading Goals for 2016 | #MomLife

Once upon a time, I was an English major. My life was intertwined with books, language, literature. I loved it so much, I shared that love (more like obsession) with my 6th grade students.

Then I had a baby. And I read to her about mischevious puppies, shapes, talking crayons.. everything. I desperately clung to my love of books and have fought hard to always have a title on my nightstand. It might have taken me months to read it as I recovered from newborn sleep deprivation and the juggle of two small children. In the past year, I've really ramped my reading back up (so thankful!) and I decided to add a book goal to my list of 2016 intentions. I thought I'd make it doable and easy on myself and start smallish with a goal to read 24 books. Then, I started thinking of all my 2015 reads and the number was actually pretty high! So now, I'm giving myself a loftier goal of 50 books in 2016. I'm hopeful this will motivate me to read more than ever before!

To the best of my memory, here's what I read in 2015:


Made to Crave

The Girl on the Train

What Alice Forgot

Big Little Lies

The Best Yes

The Secret

I Heart my Little A-Holes ( I only read about 3/4- it was a little too cynical for me.)


Gone Girl

Eight Hundred Grapes

What the Most Successful People do Before Breakfast

Make it Happen

The Renaissance Soul


The Husband's Secret

Half Broke Horses: A True-Life Novel

For the Love

Wheat Belly

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up - I blogged about my attempt to #konmari all the things HERE! And because of my massive decluttering in 2015, I let go of a LOT of books. And I can't remember what else I read, but I'm guessing it was about 5 additional titles, hahaha ;)

What are you reading right now?? I'm working on my "to-read" list right now for the year and would love some more recommendations! :)

Keep reading Moms, you deserve it!