3 Tips for an at-home Lifestyle session

Can you believe February is almost over?! I feel like 2016 is already moving at such a quick pace... makes me excited for warmer weather and sunny sessions. However, my love for at-home family sessions is wonderful because even when the weather is cold or less than ideal, we can just go INside :)

Maybe you've considered a session at home, but you think it wouldn't work for your family. You don't live in a Pottery Barn magazine (neither do I) or you wouldn't know what area of your home to use. I totally get it! Consider the benefits though...your kids might be more comfortable playing at home AND you don't have to pack everyone up, drive to a location and pray Mother Nature isn't being a flake.

So, I have a few simple tips on how to prepare for a session at home if you're considering one!

1. Personality over Perfection

I certainly do not expect your home to resemble a magazine or an entire board off of Pinterest. This is real life people - and if you have toys strewn about and sticky cabinets, when you look back in 20 years you'll smile since those moments have passed. Each home is different, as is each family, so I'd much rather see touches of your unique family when I'm shooting. It helps tell your story in such a rich and authentic way. Embrace the imperfect! ;)


2. Consider the Light

As the photographer, I will steer you towards the best light while shooting in your home. But before hand, it's incredibly helpful if you look around and consider where you have the brightest and most direct light sources. That could be your front door, windows in the master bedroom, or even an outside patio. If you know we'll be shooting in those locations, look around and decide what items you might want to remove or include in the background.


3. Let's Make a Memory

It is not my wish for you to look back at these images and think, "Oh, that was the day the photographer came over and took our pictures at home."

Um, boring.

I'd much rather you remember, "I loved how we painted/read/baked cookies/played board games together when the kids were this little. Look how tiny he/she was! Oh, I miss that face he/she used to make when playing Legos..."

Choose activities that your family loves to do at home together. What rituals or habits do your children do that you want to remember? What do you want them to remember about these years?

If you feel strange with someone taking your picture (I get it!) then just look at your child and smile. :) I want this to be a special memory that just happened to be captured forever.


My Spring calendar is beginning to fill up, and since I only take on a limited amount of sessions per month - now is the time to book :) Please email me at eammonsphotos@gmail.com and we'll start telling your family's story!