Never Last | #MomLife

Last weekend, I ran the Shamrock 8K for the first time. This was the longest distance I have EVER run in my entire life. And I use the term "run" very loosely.

Years ago, I invented the term "wogging". It's a lovely hybrid of walking and light jogging. NOT running. Or that's what I felt better telling myself. Running was for serious people. Maybe this was a way of me not taking myself seriously, I don't know. But I have always injured myself running or given up after a couple weeks of trying to sprint/gallop/awkwardly skip through the neighborhood. It's funny, but I think I actually believed it would get easier after a week.

Um, no.

Try several months of running three times a week, eating clean and pacing myself.

My 33-year-old legs let me know this was the only way they would carry me for even 1/3 of a mile.

Setting this goal and actually achieving it... well, it's one for the books. I'm on this strange gratitude binge this week and all I want to do is sign up for more races - ha! I know, this is ME talking. The girl who WOGS.

I mean, look at the glee on my face here! And my sister will kill me for posting this to the world. But, I like to keep it real on these #MomLife posts ;) #messyhairdontcare #Iseethefinishline


 Things that helped me make it to the start line:

1. Having an accountability partner - My sister and I texted each other after every run with our update. We complained on the cold days when the treadmill was uninspiring and rejoiced for the early Spring days where we ran farther than expected. I'm so grateful to her!

2. The RIGHT shoe situation - I am over 6 feet tall and *ahem* I do not lack in the awkwardly big feet department (tell me I'm not the only one, please?). I need quality running shoes, with inserts and lots of pronation control for these boats. Luckily, my Dad is a Triathlete, Ironman, and established Marathoner.  He's also a fantastic coach! He ordered me the right inserts and for the first time ever, my shins are not screaming after a run. Thank you, Dad!

3. The Whole 30 Plan - Hubs and I started in January and are still (more or less... I'm talking to you, chocolate covered fruit) eating consistently clean. After lots of poor choices over the holidays, it felt good to right our diet. And there is a direct link between what I feed my body and how good I feel on runs. Not new information for some, but I am stubborn and it's taken me a LONG time to get there.

4. Lemon water - If I'm feeling tired, hangry or irritable.. it's usually because I'm dehydrated. Lemon water makes me feel fancy (spa day!?) and puts that perk back in my step.


What's a goal for 2016 that you're working towards? At this point in the year, it's so important to just take a moment and consider what goals you created in January.

Moms, we need this. We don't need to be the best, the fastest, the most perfect version of ourselves. We just need to get to the start line.

Goal-setting is such a great example to teach our children. And my girls both think I won the race... so who am I to correct them? ;)




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