Birthdays and Heart Pangs | #MomLife

I have a love-hate relationship with my kids' birthdays. Moms, I know I'm not alone here. #canIgetanAMEN

Birthdays are just...hard. This mothering phase with young kiddos just gives me heart pangs. The baby faces they still have, but the deep and meaningful conversations we share now. Watching children grow and mature is an extraordinary gift, one I don't intend to take for granted.

Amelia loves Legos, American Girl, stickers, her little sister and reading. She's devouring chapter books whole and writing her own 'novels'. #mykidtothecore

She is clever, stubborn, loyal, observant and sensitive. And I would not change one single element of how God created her. Photographing her IS how I fell in love with this art form. She is my first muse and still loves for me to take her picture.

Every year around their birthdays, I love taking the girls out for a one-on-one photo shoot. For this one, I embraced the warm and breezy night on her birthday-eve. Just gorgeous light and my sweet girl :)


Did I mention it was breezy? ;)


Spinning. River-Dancing.


Show me your six-year-old smile!


New favorites <3