'T' Family | Sibling-Hood | Hampton Roads Family Photographer

Oh, sibling-hood. Is that a word?

 I love photographing, watching and playing with different sets of siblings. Each personality, likes, dislikes and dispositions is an absolute joy to watch unfold. Within the first 5 minutes of meeting a child, I can usually tell how I can quickly connect with them and elicit natural smiles and expressions. It's a game and a challenge that I truly enjoy discovering at each session. I want to convey not just how a child looks... but who they are. They will have hundreds (okay, thousands?!) of pictures taken of them during their childhood. The ones I love of my own girls, are the ones that really capture their spirits.

When I first photographed this family back in June of 2014, I was enamored with these two little girls. They were just the right mix of shy, clever and tough. When I photographed their baby brother's arrival in February of 2015, it was a real game changing session for me. I'm not sure they know how deeply those images shaped me, but something about that lifestyle newborn session just hollered at me, "YES! This is what you need to do!" I gotta tell you, there's nothing better for an artist's heart than when that inner voice squeals with glee.  This one is my husband's personal favorite of all time... I might have to agree ;)


And because this is Hampton Roads and families come and go, I will miss having this sweet family in front of my lens. I was ecstatic to have more time with them while roaming around Regent University's campus and playing in the last bits of sunshine. The girls took zero time to warm up and little brother just gave the BEST faces! I am so thankful they have trusted me time and again to capture them together. Here are some favorites...




Oh my gosh, his lil face!! I died, LOL!





No lack of personality in these kids... just the way I like it ;)

2016-04-14_0008I love her inquisitive nature, she reminds me so much of my daughter. I think we discussed bugs, whales and prison when this image was captured, ha! Love it.


Those pigtails. I can't.


There's just something about a little boy in khakis and big boy shoes. Look at that strut!



Photographing mommas and their babies is my sweet spot. Completely smitten.




Thank you for trusting and believing in me for the past two years, I hope you cherish these images as much as I do! <3