Auto vs. Manual Mode | Hampton Roads Photography Class

When I purchased my first digital camera back in 2009, I was pregnant with my oldest daughter. It was a HUGE investment for me and my husband, and one we knew would be worth it. Obviously, at the time I had no idea how much it would change the trajectory of my life, but that's for another post ;)

Once we had that sweet little Canon Rebel out of the box, I remember we briefly surveyed the manual. My husband, being the more technical of us two, started throwing out terms to me. In those early weeks, Matt was actually the one who tried to learn our new camera. I was content to throw that baby in Auto mode and take the BEST pictures ever. Seriously. I was blown away!

And of course I was. Compared to the point and shoot and archaic camera phones we had, this was lightyears ahead! I saw myself happily documenting (and, was I optimistic in the beginning) the childhoods of my kids for years to come. I was content. For awhile.

We brought home our baby girl and I got busy documenting every moment.

Hampton Roads Photographer Class

Hampton Roads Photography Class

I love these images still, despite their imperfections. But, oh how I wish they were clearer. And they probably would have if I'd have known what I was actually doing, ha! #doh

And then I started getting frustrated. When my baby was flailing her arms around, the images were blurry. When there was a window behind her or different lighting, everything looked yellow... or dark... or blue. And most of the images were stilly blurry. Not crisp like I'd come to admire from other friends or photographers.

Not to mention that the background didn't have that pretty blur thing happening. Was that an editing trick or did I just need fancier equipment!?

Hint: The answer is neither! Checkout my post on Bokeh.

Join me tomorrow morning at 10 am, where I'll be hopping onto Facebook Live to chat about my frustrations and limitations with Auto mode. I'll share why shooting in Manual mode ended up being the BEST decision I ever made in regards to my photography. Leave me a question in the thread below or head directly to my Facebook Page tomorrow morning at 10 :)

Hampton Roads Family Photographer

And just for comparison's sake - look at how my baby has grown! ;) #slowdownkid

Are you feeling just as frustrated when you pull out your DSLR? I'd love to help!

The next run of Only Little Once ~ A Hampton Roads Beginner Photography Class is Saturday, July 16th from 2-5 in Virginia Beach.

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Hope to 'see' you tomorrow! :)