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 As I'm writing this, my six-year-old just lost her third tooth. A front top one that has been wiggling for weeks. For the record, this is the FIRST one she did not swallow - ha!

Amelia looked at me anxiously, unsure of how her face looked with this new gummy gap. I cupped her face in my hands and oohed and aaahed over how adorable her new smile looks. She grinned proudly and is preparing for the infamous Tooth Fairy visit.

I always feel so conflicted when my children reach milestones. I want to freeze them at times, but I'm also incredibly proud of who they are growing into. What a beautiful and complicated experience. All the feelings, ALL the time.

Here's a few thoughts on Motherhood I've gleaned from this sweet season of having two little, spirited girls. They will grow and change, and so will I. But I don't ever want to forget this stage.

  1. Girls can be just as "gross" as boys and it's kind of hysterical. We have plenty of boogers, poop jokes and brain-eating zombies in our house. There is wrestling and kung-fu chopping and realistic Batman impressions. I love it all.  hampton roads family photographer, child photography, erin ammons photography

2. They want to please me. Oh gosh, how my children want to make me happy. Yes, they can test me and bring me to my limits (help me, Jesus!) but ultimately that is not their goal. They want to see me smile, sing their praises, and love them regardless of their choices. It's my job to let them know how proud they make me, every day. Some days I'm better at this than others (#didyoujustcoloronthetableagain).Hampton-Roads-Family-Photographer01-2

3. I am the grown up. Though I often feel like a kid myself, I have to remind myself that I'm the adult here. I choose to lose my temper, raise my voice, let my kids hurt my feelings. Let's face it, Adulting is hard and there's no parenting book that has all the answers.

4. I hope they remember. Now that my girls are getting older, I am excited to think they will remember these moments and milestones when they are grown. I hope Amelia remembers how I loved her toothless grin. And how her sister squealed and clapped when her tooth finally came out. I hope they remember how cherished and loved they are. I hope they remember it all. I certainly never want to forget this season.hampton roads child photographer, norfolk family photographer, neon district, norfolk, erin ammons photography

I hope this Mother's Day, you are adored and reminded of how tough, beautiful and complicated this journey of Motherhood can be. There are so many different types of "mothers" out there, so take the time to reach out to someone who might need that extra bit of love and attention this Sunday.

If you are looking for a Hampton Roads family photographer this Summer, contact me below, I have a handful of dates available. I'd love to meet you :) Happy Mother's Day!



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