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Dearest Internets,

I need you to stay accountable on some of my 2016 goals. Nothing keeps you honest like sharing it with the cyber world - right?!  Don't fail me now!

One of my biggest goals for this year is to read 50 books. That's right. FIFTY. I don't think I've read that many books ever. And I am the kid who was under the covers late at night with my industrial flashlight (thanks, Dad!) begging, "I just need to finish this chapter!!". Then, after I was married, I devoured the Harry Potter series in a pretty similar format (sorry, husband... not sorry). But, after the busyness and pressure of Adulting (um, hello motherhood and life and holy moly I am tired and can't keep my eyes open after 8 pm) I was missing my books.

I've adapted the manner in which I read and it is helping TONS. I go back and forth between reading on a device and holding a paper book. I have types of books that I prefer to read in each of these formats. For example, casual non-fiction or very light fiction is totally fine on my Kindle app. In fact, I fly through books this way! When I'm out for a run, I pop on the Audible app and listen for a bit. But if there's a really juicy fiction or 'heavier' self-improvement book I know I want to make notes in, linger over, and just hold.. I need a paper copy. Whether I buy it or check it out from the local library, I usually know which titles are of the I-must-hold-it variety. Is that weird?! Tell me I'm not the only strange hybrid person out there...

#somanychoices #gimmeallthebooks

So, how am I fitting in all this extra reading?

Here are some ways I've been sneaking it in my day:

  • Pickup lane at school - Sometimes I show up 10-15 minutes early just to sit in the parking lot and read on my Kindle app.
  • Homework time - This is a great way to model reading for pleasure to my kids too. If they are coloring, working quietly, doing play-doh - I tend to read a paper book during this time.
  • Appointments - Doctors' or dentist appointments... don't call me back too soon, I'm working on this chapter, Doc.
  • Morning coffee time - If we're having a lazy morning with cartoons, I'm usually reading instead of watching Elmo. I mean, there's only so much PBS I can take - okay?
  • Less TV time - Parents, those couple of hours of freedom in the evenings after the kids are in bed is so, so sacred. Am I right? We have our shows and Netflix nights, but more often we are just leaving it off and enjoying reading time.
  • Bath time - kids are splashing away and I can read a few more pages sometimes.

All those little chunks add up! I usually read before bed as well, but I find that hard to do if it's been a long day and I'm exhausted. Reading is important and a goal, so I've adjusted life to make time for it. This may mean I don't mop the floor... or the laundry beast is out of control. But, you know what? I'm alright with it. I've taken time to pour into something that brings me joy. It fills me up so I can then pour that joy into my family and people around me.

Just another way to teach self-care and self-love to my girls!

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Current Favorites:

The Nightingale - SO good! WWII era drama.. probably my favorite fiction piece in years.

Breaking Busy: How to find Peace and Purpose in a World Of Crazy - Powerful book that spoke to my heart. Can you really ever find a "balance" and what are we truly chasing?

Lessons from Madame Chic: 20 Stylish Secrets I Learned While Living in Paris - Such a fun and light read! It totally made me want to wear Chanel perfume, get regular facials, and embrace my femininity more.

Moms, what are you reading right now?? I need more for my list, haha!

Share in the comments, I'd love to hear :)