Neon District| Norfolk Family Photographer

Norfolk Family Photographer

 Do you remember your best friend from preschool? Maybe you're still close or maybe you have no clue. I bet your parents remember. Ask them who you were closest to at 4, 5 or 6 years old. Maybe it will trigger a memory and you'll flashback to the scent of play-doh and finger paint. Preschoolers do friendship so well.

My girl Amelia has adored Wyatt since she was 4, and I have loved getting to know his family. They are so refreshing, kind and just plain hysterical. Amy and I have about 800 things in common (fellow Amazons unite!) and she has the sort of soul you just instantly bond with. Her and Jimmy are also high school sweethearts and have such a fun chemistry, I was cracking up laughing most of the night! When I asked Amy what she wanted the kids to look back and remember when they see these pictures one day, she said:

I want them to know that they were the most important thing. That we tried to have fun when they were young and that was the most important thing in life to us.

My Momma heart just loved this response so much. And when you watch them together, it's nothing but pure joy.

I was thrilled to head out to the Neon District in Norfolk. I knew this was the perfect backdrop for them. Colorful, vibrant and unique!


Snuggle party! ;)


Love it!



Such a fun night!

It's my hope in twenty years, these sweet kiddos will look at these images with full hearts. They are  adored and cherished like none other.