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Last Saturday, five awesome ladies joined me for my beginner's photography class, Only Little Once. We had a fantastic time and I cannot wait for these ladies to start practicing and sharing images in our private FB page!

Amongst many of the questions, one Mom asked if I had tips for organizing picture files on the computer. And I thought, "I can totally blog that!" So here we are ;)

My method for organizing photos is nothing too complicated, because let's be real... I like it simple. Here are a few tips if you are struggling with getting a photo workflow in place!

  1. Cull Immediately. Did it take 15 tries to get that one picture you wanted of your kiddos? No need to keep all the bloopers. Except if they're really cute, of course!
  2. Consider long term storage. As an add-on to tip #1, make sure you know how much storage is left on your computer before importing images. If your computer is getting bogged down, transfer files to an external hard drive for safe keeping. Nothing wrong with multiple backups (if you're like me!) but don't make yourself crazy.
  3. Find a system. How often do you take pictures? Special occasions, seasonally, or every day? I create files based on the season and year (Spring 2016, Summer 2016) with some additional files for holidays or birthdays. It keeps it simple for me, but you might need another system for your photos. Figure out what works for you and then stick with it so you're not drowning in photos that happened... when...last year? Last month?!
  4. Rename files. Instead of a random thread of numbers and letters, rename the files with the season, date or in another order that will make sense to you.

I hope this was helpful for you! Hopefully, this will keep you from feeling overwhelmed with image files. This way, you can organize them, share, and print them when you're ready. :)


Fun behind the scenes with our cute little models :)


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