Sweet Little Sister | Hampton Roads Newborn Photographer

Watching babies grow. It's what I do and what I love. Watching each child grow, celebrate milestones, and then adding a new sibling into the mix. It is always humbling and so very exciting to observe and capture!

I lost count of how many sessions I've had with these guys, but I think it might be five?! Middle brother was just a little nugget when we started together, and I love watching his transition into a big brother now. Oldest brother is a seasoned pro and they are both completely smitten with their new baby sister. I thought they might run off after a bit to play, but nope, they wanted to stay and watch. They petted, kissed, and stared so sweetly at her the entire time. It gave me all the good Momma aches! xoxo

New babies bring so many changes into a home, and I try to remind parents about how much goodness I witness. I know as the Mom or Dad, it feels like total chaos at times! But as an onlooker, I am always so blessed and honored to witness all the love and messy moments. Embrace each season, even when it's hard, it truly bares a great deal of fruit.

And these five are blessed beyond belief....





As I shared on my Facebook page last week, no home needs to be perfect for a lifestyle session. Your home is already amazing. There are hidden pockets of magical light everywhere, and it is my job and joy to find it. You don't always see your home and family through that lens, and it's my hope that these images will show you. Look past the imperfections, and know that your life and home is absolutely beautiful. All the love you share in those walls, radiates through each image.

There is power in every bit of it.