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Hampton Roads Family Photographer

Friends, I love Pinterest. I totally understand the appeal and addictive element it has. There have been many countless night that I got sucked in. Although now,  I would say I use it more as a recipe search engine (I need all the chicken chili recipes!).

But ladies, we do not LIVE in a Pinterest board. Our lives are messy! And thank goodness, because life would be b-o-r-i-n-g if everything was covered in chalkboard paint.

When I enter a family's home, I love seeing all their unique elements and character. Art, family pictures, displayed school projects... it's all so special. This is your family's sacred space. Even without that kitchen remodel or pristine hard wood floors. Last week, my four-year-old somehow found a Sharpie and left a streak on my dining room table. I could have hyperventilated, but truly, it kind of matches the wood grain! #silverlining

Embrace some of the mess. This is real life.

Here are four reasons to let go of perfection during an in-home lifestyle session. I hope it encourages you!

  1. Babies doesn't keep. What a fleeting season life is with babies. And toddlers and preschoolers and school aged... and on and on it flies. The activities and routines you have now will be meaningful memories for your children some day - document it. Treasure it. Keep them little.. just a bit longer.


2. Busy hands and memory making. In-home sessions allow for time and space to make a craft, do some baking, smash some play-doh - the opportunities are endless! What do your kids love to do in this current season? Instead of "smile nice for the photographer" make it about a fun activity you all did together. And a silly lady with a camera just happened to be there too :)


3. Comfort in the known. Kids are usually relaxed, calm and easy going at home. This is their space. They are excited to show off their favorite toys and treasures to a new visitor. I love to sit back and just watch kids play, create and be.


4. So they can remember. I read something recently about family photography that really made my heart ache. It basically said that pictures aren't really for the parents. Of course we do all the leg work and print them or post them online... but photos are really for our children. To show them how much they are loved and cherished. That we loved our messy and crazy life with them. To us, it was perfection.


Consider having your next photo session at home. Let go of feeling that you need that perfect Pinterest home before you can give yourself permission. My childhood home was modest, comfortable and a haven in my eyes. I am sure your children feel the same way.

Besides, perfect is way overrated.