Halloween 2016 | Hampton Roads Family Photographer

Hampton Roads Family Photographer

I admit it. Halloween has never been my favorite. Which is surprising, since I love stories, costumes, pretend and fiction.

But, I'm kind of a wimp.

My sister loved binging on Freddy Krueger movies every October, so I blame her for me being permanently scarred for life, LOL! Let's not even talk about my feelings over clowns...

When you have your kids though, this holiday really does come alive. :) I love listening to the girls decide what/who they want to be each year. Inevitably, I hold off on costume planning because they usually change their minds 2-3 times before committing.

Charlotte was set on being a spider. Which, ironically, is one of her fears - so I feel like she's really being brave!  A few weeks ago, she mentioned it again and said, "Like the movie with the pig and the spider in it. The movie we have." We hadn't watched Charlotte's Web in months, but for some reason she remembered and I was so excited! I gathered the supplies and did preliminary planning and then (as usual) passed it off to my much more crafty and skilled husband. He spent his Saturday afternoon creating spider arms and glueing googly eyes. If that's not love - what is?!

Is she not the cutest spider?

Charlotte from Charlotte's Web


Last month, I finished reading Roald Dahl's, Matilda, aloud to the girls. We watched some of the movie and both of them really loved the story. Well, I basically freaked out when I saw that Mini Boden had a line of Dahl inspired kids clothes out. I spotted a Matilda dress, and totally caved! Amelia had originally planned on being a girl sloth for Halloween (yes, really), but after seeing the dress arrive she squealed, "I want to be Matilda for Halloween!!"

Be still, my English major heart.

She's bookish like Matilda, but I haven't seen her move things with her mind... yet. ;)


We had so much fun taking these pictures... a great reminder of my why. Why I picked up a camera in the first place and started on this journey. My little muses :)


Wishing you a safe and happy Halloween!!