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Hampton Roads Family Photographer

I have been photographing this incredible family for some time now, but never have I been able to share ALL the images. For their newborn session, I tried to cleverly angle myself so we could share a good handful of images of sweet Levi. But, we could never show his face until everything was finalized with the adoption. As we celebrated and documented his arrival, I knew Amy and Kevin wanted to SHOUT it from the rooftops! Prayers had been answered and this child's sweet face... oh. my gosh. There are just no words to describe his cuteness, haha! It was nearly torture to keep his images off social media.

Last Fall, we met up for a fun mini session in Chesapeake and again we had to wait on sharing online. But let me tell you, this boy has been worth. the. wait.

He is now an energetic, hilarious and expressive toddler. Nonstop energy with the sweetest disposition. I am smitten with him and he knows it ;)

I find myself smiling so big at him, my face positively aches. Do you know a child like that?

The three of them together is just so complete and precious to observe. Their unique story and the love that beams out each time they look at him...it shakes me to the core.

A reminder of all the goodness and beauty in the world.

I am honored to be their photographer <3

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When he leaned into her for snuggles, I think I literally swooned... #momfeels

virginia-beach-family-photographer,  hampton-roads-lifestyle-photographer

Puckering up, haha! xoxo

virginia-beach-family-photographer,  hampton-roads-lifestyle-photographervirginia-beach-family-photographer,  hampton-roads-lifestyle-photographer

Love these two, makes my heart happy! :)

virginia-beach-family-photographer,  hampton-roads-lifestyle-photographervirginia-beach-family-photographer,  hampton-roads-lifestyle-photographer

virginia-beach-family-photographer,  hampton-roads-lifestyle-photographer

Those soulful eyes. Sweet boy, you are cherished beyond measure!

Friends, my Fall is nearly booked and I am so thankful. I appreciate all the inquiries, emails and referrals - you all are the best! If you'd like to book your family session before the cold weather sets in, drop me a note soon :)