"S" Family | Virginia Beach Family Photographer

I was so naive when I first started this business. I knew that what I was doing mattered and it brought joy. Joy to the families I photographed and joy to me as a new artist. I just had no idea how deep, how vast, and what fulfillment it would bring my soul.

Life is messy. It's heartbreaking. This mess of a life is so very beautiful. But that doesn't make the hard parts any less hard. Embracing joy, despite the storms? That is beautiful.

I'm so honored by families that just completely trust me. To tell their story. To capture this season of life. Each one is so unique.

But I want my families to know... I see you. I see how beautiful you are. I hope you look at these images and see it too.

I left this session and immediately called a friend to share how much love I'd witnessed. I couldn't keep it to myself. Specifically, the love between this husband and wife, this Mom and Dad.. .it was exquisite. The way they spoke to one another, communicated with a look, smiled and embraced. It was so lovely and inspiring. I think I went home and spoke kinder to my husband just from witnessing it! Truly. It blessed me to see that during this busy season.

Be kind. Not just to the person working the register at Target, but to the people you share your life with. I think it's so easy to slip up, let it slide, and just forget to be kind. Because they love you regardless. But let that not be an excuse to not give them your very best. That message has been on my heart all week as we approach Christmas.

Just a few from this gorgeous family's session... so blessed by them!


Her face! Couldn't crop that out, LOL! ;)


So much love and tenderness. What a joy to witness and capture. Thank you!