3 Reasons to Get in the Frame | Hampton Roads Family Photographer

Life is busy. Stressful. Always moving forward.

At times, I find myself looking at the top of my daughter's head and marveling at how big she's getting. Her mop of curls is so sweet, I just want to bury my nose in it, LOL! She still has that sweet baby hair smell, even at four-years-old.

But my nose may be bias ;)

I have to choose where to place my focus amongst the chaos of life. I choose to place it on my family, my faith and the things that fill up my spirit. On the hard days, I find myself looking at old pictures of my girls. It might be right after they're in bed. Are you guilty of this too?

Pictures have this amazing ability of letting the everyday stress melt away. They remind me to be thankful, SO thankful, for all I have. Discovering gratitude through quality photography is an unexpected and wonderful side effect.

Because I have seen the value in photographing my own family, I wanted to share my top 3 reasons why YOU should be in the frame with your family in 2017!

  1. Babies don't keep. Isn't that the truth? We know this, yet still, the months and years leap by at break neck speed. Photography allows us to freeze it and revisit it over and over again.

2. Because stuff happens. Life will inevitably get away from you. While you might start the year with good intentions for hiring a photographer, you soon find it's almost Christmas again and you feel rushed to make a decision... or worse yet, not schedule photos at all. So don't wait. Do your research, and hire a pro. Even if that person isn't me, I want you to find a good match for your family! I love referring out to other photographers, there is literally someone for everyone.

virginia-beach-family-photographer, hampton-roads-newborn-photographer
virginia-beach-family-photographer, hampton-roads-newborn-photographer

3. Because you were there too, Mom. This is a subject I feel so strongly about! How many pictures do you have of your kids? Of your husband with your kids? How many where you're with them? And selfies don't count. How many?

Get in the frame. Your kids want to see your face in the image with them. Because you matter. Not you 20 pounds lighter or 10 years younger. You... just as you are. Do it for them.

hampton roads family photographer
hampton roads family photographer

If you are interested in a family session, I am currently booking into April. Contact me today, I'd love to meet your family!