Behind the Scenes! | Hampton Roads Photography Class

There is something to be said about putting your dreams into writing or speaking them aloud. When we start to really focus on where are loves and passions lie - life falls more naturally into place.

 There are so many BIG dreams I have for this business. How to serve my families well, grow as an entrepreneur, and balance my home and work life. But I often find I get overwhelmed with all my big goals and tend to stall out before I even start. Can you relate?

When I started teaching Only Little Once, I was nervous, excited and worried about still being too "new" in the industry. Could I serve other Moms and hobbyists well? Would I be able to stretch those old teacher muscles with a room full of adults?

A lot of photographers go into education for different reasons. I wanted to be sure my heart and my purpose were clear. I have a passion for photography and a heart for teaching and sharing with others. It brings me so much joy to see a lightbulb or "aha!" moment go off for someone.

I love that so many moms have beautiful and candid images of their children framed on the wall.

I love that they can teach their husband how to shoot in manual, so  that they can be in the picture too!

I love to see them post their gorgeous pictures on Facebook and read all the praise from their friends and family.

I am so, so proud of all my 'grads'. They inspire me every single day!

Just a couple of fun behind the scenes shots from last Saturday's 101 Workshop :) We had an amazing group!


Since the first workshop, I have been asked about offering a 102 version. A place to dive deeper and work on common problems. Maybe dabble with editing and learn the basics of Lightroom. Again, I felt these nerves come up again! Fear is a bully, for real.

Well, it's a new year, and photography education is an even bigger goal for me in 2017. I am SO excited to launch Only Little Once 102! The seats are already filling with 101 grads, but I have 2 more spots to share with you all :)

This class is for students comfortable shooting in manual mode. We'll talk about nailing focus, composition, white balance and much more! I'll also walk you through a start to finish clean edit in Lightroom. This is a great way to dive deeper in your photography journey!

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Seats are very limited, please contact me with any questions! I can't wait to see your growth :)