Weekend Recap! | Hampton Roads Family Photographer

Think back to when you were in high school or college, do you remember finding "your people"? You know what I mean, that tribe of friends that just got you. Maybe you had the same life view, interests, or maybe you were polar opposites but still complimented one another's personalities. Remember how good that felt? How accepted and complete you felt?

I've been blessed to feel that way a few times in my life, but it happens more rarely the older I get. When your young, it's so easy to connect with others. But as a work-at-home busy Mom in my (nearly!) mid-30s - it's tough. So, when my pals Elizabeth Henson and Angie McPherson invited me to a Work-Cation with a group of 10 other women in Norfolk last weekend - I immediately said YES! Give me my people! Fellow entrepenuer women who understand what it means to work for yourself. Because as fun as this dream job is, it can certainly be lonely and defeating at times. 

The weekend was a breath of fresh air! We ate waaaay too much food, worked for hours straight with our laptops and multiple cups of coffee *cough*... wine. We even did a fun headshot swap out on the beach! 


Ya'll know how I feel about window light. Christina was dedicated by nearly climbing a fake plant for this shot, haha! #photographerproblems

On Saturday, I also taught the first Only Little Once 102 Workshop back in Virginia Beach! There was a great group of ladies who attended, and we were able to dig deeper into photography. We discussed common shooting problems, composition, and I showed them the basics of editing in Lightroom. This class was sold out, but will be offered again in the Spring. Details to come soon! 

If you're just starting on your journey with a DSLR camera, the next 101 Workshop is coming up soon on March 25th! Share this blog with a friend and dust off your cameras together. I would love to chat with you :)

Check out these lovely MomTogs and hobbyists from the 102 class!


Whew, what a weekend! So grateful for the recharge and the inspiration of teaching what I love. 

In addition to seasonal workshops, one-on-one mentoring is always available! Contact me and let's chat all things photography :)