Spring Session Wardrobe Tips | Hampton Roads Family Photographer

Sometimes, as a busy working Mom, I go through moments of decision fatigue. I feel like I'm constantly making decisions. Everything from which snack to give my girls to what route to drive to a shoot location. Ever feel this way? It's exhausting - right?!

Well, when it comes to choosing your family's outfits for a photo session, it can feel really overwhelming. So. Many. Decisions.

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Which shoes for the baby? Should the baby just be barefoot?? What about my husband's pants? Jeans? Khakis? Dressy? Casual? Wait... do the boys need belts?! Gah! I feel you, Momma. It's a lot. 

I really do enjoy helping families narrow down outfit choices. I like to consider the location, read through the questionnaire and get a feel for a family's style or vibe. I want you to look like - well, YOU. Not something fabricated or unoriginal. Over the years, I've written different blog posts on this topic, but I wanted to share a fresh approach to this process. I hope you find it inspiring and helpful as you plan! And if you're still facing too much decision fatigue - call me :)

Five Tips for Choosing Photo Session Outfits

1. Shop your closets. It might not be the most exciting, but it IS the most frugal. You might already have several pieces or accessories that you, your kids or hubby can wear. Start with what you already own first. 

2. Ladies first. Men's clothing choices are pretty limited. Shirt, shorts, pants, jeans, shoes, belt, tie, done. Boys clothing is the same way. Way less options. So, start with the ladies. That's you, Mom. And your daughters. We have LOTS of options, so don't feel bad about making it all about you. ;) 

3. Look online first. I love the ease of online shopping! Check in to some of your favorite retailers and see what's new for Spring. I love the all the soft pinks and chambrays out right now!

4. A good fit. Usually with kids clothes, we like to buy with room to grow. But, for pictures, choose items that fit really well right now. You can always sell it after or pass it on to a friend. You don't want to be messing with slipping straps or trying to cuff too-long pants. This also includes you! Don't purchase in hopes of losing "just five more pounds" - you are gorgeous just as you are. Right this moment.

5. Hire a friend. Sometimes getting another opinion makes the whole process more fun! Have a particularly fashionable friend? Have her look online or make a run to the mall with you. Or better yet, send her with cash and sizes in hand!

hampton roads family photographer

I hope this was helpful as you prep for your Spring session. Don't overthink it either, so much can be said for classic clothing and taking that extra effort. You'll be so glad you did! 

Friends, my Spring and Summer weekend dates are beginning to fill up. Contact me soon and let's get your family's session on the books! xoxo