When to Schedule Your Session | Hampton Roads Family Photographer

You've decided that THIS is the year to update your family pictures. The last time you got pictures together, your youngest was still in diapers and now he is fast approaching Kindergarten.

Needless to say - it's been awhile!

Scheduling and planning for a photography session can seem a bit overwhelming, but it shouldn't be. Consider these few points when scheduling and hopefully it'll all flow smoothly!

Hampton Roads family photographer
  1. Consider the Season - Are you warm weather fans? Or do you love the crispness of Fall? If you don't love the heat - waiting to schedule photos for July or August in Hampton Roads might not be very comfortable. Especially since cuddling and closeness is so important during a session! #hellohumidity
  2. Sunset timing - The hour before sunset (aka The Golden Hour) is usually prime time for photographers. It's not the only time, but it does possess a certain magic. The later Summer months have a very late sunset time. If you have little ones who go to bed by 7pm, this might be something to consider when scheduling.
  3. It should work for YOU - Aim for a season when your family has limited stress, obligations, soccer games or to-do's. This isn't always possible, but if you have some downtime coming up - pencil your session in during those weeks if possible. That relaxed feeling and vibe will translate into beautiful images!
  4. Book Early - If you have your heart set on a certain window of time - book early! Have a kid's birthday fast approaching and want to document this stage? Don't hesitate to reach out early and get on the books. 
Aim for a season when your family has limited stress, obligations, soccer games or to-do’s...
Hampton Roads family photographer

That's it! Just a few things to consider when planning ahead for a photography session. Stay flexible, (because, kids!) but creating the right environment for a session certainly pays off. Set yourself up for success. You won't regret it!

Beat the Summer rush and get on the schedule. I'm currently booking through August and would love to see you. Let's make some memories! :)