Introducing the 'Stay Little' Lounge | A Photography Community for Moms

It's funny how things work out. Never would I have imagined years ago when I left my teaching career that I would become a small business owner. I thought being a 'stay-at-home-Mom' would be the extent of my actual work. I never anticipated that from this business, I would still find a way to keep teaching. That it would become an outlet of creativity in my life AND bring so many new and incredible people into my inner circle.

I have had the privilege of teaching and mentoring over fifty Moms and photography enthusiasts. I have been encouraged and amazed by their talent, generous hearts, and ambition to 'just get it right in camera!' These women amaze me on a daily basis.

hampton roads photography class

It's because of my love for this community of women that I'm launching the 'Stay Little' Lounge Facebook Group. This group is a Photography Community for Moms, and it's a FREE and safe space for Moms to share, learn and grow in their photography. I often see Mothers placing their creative ambitions on the shelf until their children "are just a little bit older". Now sometimes we need to self sacrifice for our kids, but let me encourage you, Momma - You are a better wife and mother when you can dig into something creative, artistic or beautiful. It looks different for everyone, but I whole-heartedly believe that every Mom has her thing. If photography lights you up inside, I'd love to invite you to join our growing community. 

You are a better wife and mother when you can dig into something creative, artistic or beautiful...

Here's what you'll find in the 'Stay Little' Lounge:

  • an encouraging community of Moms who LOVE taking pictures 
  • a place to share images of your kids, ask questions, and support others
  • accountability to practice your skills and dust off your DSLR
  • fun challenges, including our first - the Ten Weeks of Summer Photo Challenge
  • FB Live Q&A's with Erin every Wednesday through the Summer months
  • exclusive opportunities and discounts for events and continued education

Are you in?! Click the link below and come join the community!


I can't wait to meet you and see where your creativity takes you.