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I think it's the goal of many a parent to create memories and experiences that are even better than you experienced as a kid. Now, hands down, I had a wonderful childhood. Pure, 80s-90s riding-my-bike-to-7'11 kind of childhood. But creating special memories with our girls is some of the greatest joy I have ever experienced as a parent!

This was our third year renting a beach house in OBX with my family and I feel so blessed that my girls have these memories to look back on! You can see our adventures from last year HERE. I have really made an effort to transition away from the just-buy-more-toys manner of parenting and am focusing on investing more in experiences. After all, those toys don't even get played with most of the time! I'd much rather focus on fun trips and adventures where we grow closer as a family.

I want my girls to know the sweet bliss of an ice pop after a long beach day with their cousins. 

For me, that completely captures childhood. Here are just a handful of favorites from last week. :)

I’ll eat you up, I love you so!
— Where the Wild Things Are

Charlotte's face here just gets me right in the FEELS. Her complete joy of the wild, ocean waves AND being with her cousins - it's just the best expression. The waves were crazy choppy the first day we were there, and it was SO windy. We got pretty sandblasted, but that didn't stop me from getting waist-high with my camera in hand - hahaha! #livedangerously 

I wanted a portrait of each girl, and I love the look-away portrait a LOT right now. Something about their sweet faces and eyelashes, so sweet... I love my nieces fiercely and take my role as Super Cool Crazy Arty Aunt very seriously. This one is bound for middle school next year *sob*.

Sometimes (okay, lots of times) I get caught up and I forget to hand over the camera and get IN the frame with my girls. Thanks to the hubs for capturing this one! When they do pose with me, the girls act completely CRAY - anyone else's kids do that?! #Ithoughtso

This guy is the best #girlDad around we are blessed to call him ours! We've got a busy, but joyful, Summer planned and I'm incredibly grateful for my little tribe. 

What memories are you making this Summer? I've seen lots of OBX vacay pics in my newsfeed - love seeing all the joy!

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