5 Awesome Things about Turning 35 | Hampton Roads Family Photographer

5 years from 40.


Officially a grown-up now?


Recently, the hubby and I bought a new refrigerator for the kitchen. After 11+ years of marriage, this was our first time fridge shopping! After it was installed, we marveled at our matching appliances. We felt adult-ish, haha! It's hard not to feel like we're playing at this grown-up thing. But then you get excited about appliances and window treatments and you realize.... yep, I'm there. Can you relate?

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To mark my 35th year around the sun, I created a list of 5 awesome things I love about this age. My thirties have been some of my sweetest years yet and I'm excited for what's around the corner. #bringit 

  1. I care about the good stuff more. I worry over petty things a LOT less than I did at 25. I used to get caught up in the details, but I view life with a more 'big picture' perspective now. It's waaaaay less stressful.
  2. I'm okay being alone. As an ENFP, I'm one of the most introverted of the extroverts. I LOVE people and that is still where I get most of my energy. And power... like a gremlin in water, ha! But, at 35, I crave my alone time even more than before. Maybe becoming a Mom and being constantly surrounded by little, talky girls has shaped me this way even more!
  3. I'm unapologetic about my self care. I used to feel guilty about leaving my family to travel alone or indulging in something just for myself. But now, I know that those self care rituals and treats are SO important. It's easy to sink into the martyr mentality as a mother of young kids, but it's not a healthy place to be. If I need to roam Target alone, get a pedicure, or read a book alone at the pool... it is MORE than okay for me to do that. I'm a better mother, wife and friend when I take care of myself.
  4. I dream bigger than ever before. Like I mentioned in #1, I have a big-picture mentality now. I can see past my current situation and dream things for myself and my family... I never could have imagined at 25 years old. There are no limits and I'm done getting in my own way. Bring it on, universe.
  5. Finding time to nurture relationships. Life is busy in this season (is there ever an un-busy season?) and that's no surprise. I think that's why making time for the important people in my life feels all the more special and sacred. Brunch with my Mom, coffee with a friend, neighborhood walks with my bestie, mommy-daughter dates with my girls....it all adds up. It's easy to say, "I can't, I'm too busy" but when I prioritize who and what is important to me, it fills my emotional cup to the brim.
I’m a better mother, wife and friend when I take care of myself...

What do you love about your current stage in life? I really believe that there is sweetness at every step and recognizing it is the gift of aging with grace and wisdom.

Okay. Now I'm off to pick up some anti-aging moisturizer. ;)