Sunset at Fort Story | Virginia Beach Family Photographer

There are no friendships quite like the ones that first-time mothers build over coffee, diaper changes and endless trips to library class. 

So. Many. Library classes.

But, back to Motherhood friendships. Grown up bonding can be challenging to say the least. Gone are the days where our cherished time was consumed with our social lives and it was effortless to create lasting connections. Those years have been replaced with our thirties and forties, when so many of us are devoted to building our families, careers and legacies. If you're anything like me, when you meet another Mom you absolutely adore (but you don't want to scare her) you want to ask her out on playdates for the sole reason of getting to know her better. The kids will be there, but it's time for us to hang out too.

For this natural extrovert, the first year of my oldest daughter's life was difficult and isolating to say the least. Without my mother's group (shoutout to for finding me 2010 Moms!) I would have easily been talking to myself (and inanimate objects) to an unhealthy level. In fact, I was to the point where I would talk to anybody who would listen.

Target cashier? Let's be pals.

Bank clerk? We're besties. 

Random stranger in the Kroger parking lot? Hey girl, heeeeey! 

Anna, was one of the awesome friends I made in the 2010 Moms playgroup. Back when we had one baby each, we'd take them down to the bay. We'd swap stories and marvel at the amount of sand two small toddlers could consume. It was a sweet season, and over the years we've kept in touch as the military has taken Anna's family far and wide. She now has FOUR beautiful children and is an absolute Mom-Boss. She handles her family, career, and personal goals with grace and I truly admire her. 

Her youngest is now six months old, so we marked the occasion with a fun family session at Fort Story! You can catch up on his sweet, lifestyle newborn session HERE! We had a beautiful sunset and so much fun exploring. A storm was rolling in towards the end of the night, but we finished up just in time.

Just a few (*cough* I mean a TON of) favorites...

You don’t choose your family. They are God’s gift to you, as you are to them.
— Desmond Tutu

I loved each unique personality of these kiddos. Each one is so special and together they are such a fun and spirited group!

Friends, my August and September calendars are nearly full! If you're craving a beachy sunset session, this is the time for it. :)

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